Soccer Skills PRO Team is a modern IT solution introducing new standards in soccer. It is a tool which greatly facilitates the work of soccer federations, clubs and academies, by introducing standards at the European level.

The software allows to manage the training process, monitor the development of players, as well as administer and educate coaches and players.


Soccer Skills PRO Team has a consistent curriculum divided into stages, adapted to the age, needs and predispositions of the players. The platform includes detailed training goals for 14 age categories from U6 to U19. The training plans are divided into macro-, meso- and microcycles.

Training objectives are prepared based on the 4 parts of the game - attack, defense, transition to attack, transition to defense - and adapted to the 4 areas of development of players: motor skills, tactics, technique, and mental preparation.


Soccer Skills PRO Team is a tool adapted to the needs of coaches, small academies, professional clubs, and soccer federations. In addition, the software is extremely intuitive, making the implementation process is very fast.

Another great advantage is the possibility of using Soccer Skills PRO Team both on computers and mobile devices, which gives coaches access to the application at any time. 

This software is an extensive training system, developed by the best experts from England, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. Tens of thousands players from 25 countries, aged 5-19 have used it already and the training methodology is being developed and improved since year 2009. Based on this experience, Soccer Skills PRO ID was developed – a tool which enables precise identification of the player’s potential.

Implementing Soccer Skills PRO into your academy, club or federation, you will receive one, coherent curriculum divided into phases, suitable for age, needs and predisposition of the players.

Main goal of the training is to train a complete player, that is, according to our System, a player who not only is distinguished with motor, technical and tactical skills, but also has intelligence and field creativity.

There is a special training plan including detailed yearly, monthly and weekly goals.

Training goals are based on 4 phases of game, adjusted to 4 areas of players’ development: physical preparation, tactic, technique and mental sphere.

Tactic goals  include assumptions of National Game Model. In addition, they are supplemented by the goalkeeper training plan.

Soccer Skills PRO Team includes ready-made training sessions for all the season. Each outline of a training session involves exercises adjusted to a different level of player’ skills.

The software takes care of creative coaches, giving them the possibility to modify training units by choosing different exercises from a rich database or by creating their own exercises compliant with the set goals.

The solution has a tool to identify the level of skill of each player - Soccer Skills PRO ID. Through cyclic, specialist tests, the Soccer Skills PRO ID helps to determine potential and  development of each player in a quick and easy way.  Soccer Skills PRO ID which was created based on tens of thousands results, allows to evaluate technical and motor level of a player in an accurate and objective way. Soccer Skills PRO ID base contains results of players who play in youth academies of professional football clubs as well as senior national representations. Apart from the Soccer Skills PRO ID, the tool has been equipped with analytic functions which task is further evaluation of players in respect of mental, motor, technical and tactical skills.

Software was built in way that makes it possible to control and manage the training and organisational aspects at the club. It is possible thanks to coherent process of training for 14 age categories. This solution makes it easy for the coordinator to monitor the development of the academy through insight into achieved results and Soccer Skills PRO ID analysis. Coach receives tools to help controlling the process of developing his team. Also players and their parents receive access to inspect progress.

Soccer Skills PRO Team has a rich knowledge database in terms of tactic, dietetics, mental training or injury prevention which helps coaches and players to develop themselves.