Created on the basis of over 50,000 results, the Soccer Skills PRO ID potentiometer provides extensive comparative possibilities. Thanks to this tool, a coach, parent or even a player can quickly identify the areas requiring the most work. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the Soccer Skills PRO ID potentiometer provide many variants for analysing the obtained results, including by assessing the rate of a player’s biological development. 


Promotion of talented players

All of our camps feature skills tests designed to select the best players. Everything is done according to our Soccer Skills PRO ID selection and assessment methodology.

The winners of these tests are awarded training trips to major football clubs. This is a reward for their hard work and outstanding skills, we want to show them stadiums and academies of major European clubs, their training methods and give the opportunity of signing professional contracts with these clubs for some of the players. 

Soccer Skills PRO Tests

The Soccer Skills PRO tests have been developed under the supervision of European soccer training specialists in order to determine an athlete's physical and technical potential in an easy and reliable way. A significant advantage of the Soccer Skills PRO tests is the transparency of the rules, which gives the opportunity to do them yourself. Soccer Skills PRO tests consist of four carefully selected special fitness tests and four general fitness tests. 

Our coaches have developed an extensive set of exercises. Based on their results, a training program aimed at improving individual skills is suggested. Cyclical Soccer Skills PRO ID tests allows you analyze the training process, and thanks to the possibility of comparing results to the statistics of players from top European academies, we can verify a young athlete’s capabilities.



See how easily you can test your potential with the Soccer Skills PRO ID potentiometer.


Ball dribbling

This test challenges a player to dribble the ball as fast as he can. The distance for dribbling the ball is 20 meters. This test determines the skill to control the ball by a player running at full speed.

Turning with the ball

6 turns with the ball while dribbling. This test evaluates the agility and manoeuvrability of the players, their coordination, as well as control of the ball in a small area which sudden and rapid changes of direction. 


The task is to make as many flick ups as possible during 30 seconds, juggling alternately from right to left. It is a very important test which shows how a player controls the ball.


Passing the balls

This exercise involves scoring 4 goals in the shortest time possible. Two passes need to be done with the right leg and another two with the left leg. The players’ accuracy and time are evaluated. 


Standing long jump

Standing long jump. It’s a test which determines the strength of the lower limbs. Usually players who good results are highly predisposed to play soccer.

Agility run

This is a test determining not only the speed but also the coordination and explosive strength of a player. After running in a straight line, he needs to show a high level of movement coordination. 

5 meter sprint

The 5 meter sprint test determines the level of acceleration, which is a significant factor in soccer. This enables to gather information on the already achieved level of acceleration as well as the explosive strength of each player. 

20 meter sprint

The main aim of the 20 meter sprint test is to determine the acceleration of players as well as gathering thorough information on their mobility and speed.