Fifty thousand players from around the world have attended our camps!

Nearly 50,000 girls and boys from 21 countries around the world participated in our camps. Many of them play in professional clubs and national teams. We are proud that they made their first steps with us and our coaches could help them develop their soccer skills. On all of the camps, training games are led by coaches connected with the best European clubs. Our program features individual football technique trainings in small, four-player groups, physical preparation, tactical and mental trainings as well as learning languages such as Spanish or English. Skills tests are conducted during all the camps, based on which we choose the Winners who get to visit the best European clubs. 



All of our camps feature skills tests designed to select the best players. This process is conducted according to our Soccer Skills PRO ID selection and assessment methodology. The winners of these tests are awarded training trips to major football clubs. This is a reward for their hard work and outstanding skills, we want to show them stadiums and academies of major European clubs, their training methods and give the opportunity of signing professional contracts with these clubs for some of the players. Below is a list of clubs which have been visited by our winners.

German Soccer Skills

Our soccer camps in Germany are organized under name of German Soccer Skills.

Spanish Soccer Skills

Our soccer camps in Spain are organized under name of Spanish Soccer Skills.

Polish Soccer Skills

Our soccer camps in Poland are organized under name of Polish Soccer Skills.

Ukrainian Soccer Skills

Our soccer camps in Ukraine are organized under name of Ukrainian Soccer Skills.


1 coach per 4 players

This is the iron rule of Soccer Skills PRO system since the beginning of the project. At every camp, regardless of the number of participants, no more than four players train with one coach during technical training session. Thanks to this, training sessions are much more effective and it is easier to diagnose and develop a young player's potential and eliminate bad training habits. 


Our own training system

We are the only camp in Poland to have a proprietary training system. Our methodology based on Spanish models aims to educate children to become complete, intelligent footballers, with excellent technical and movement skills, who are able to quickly make the right decisions. Based on many years of observations, we have created the potential measure tools.


Trips for the best players

The camp participants undergo skills tests as part of Soccer Skills PRO ID. The best have the chance to win a trip to famous clubs, visit their stadiums and academies, and train with their coaches. Our winners had the opportunity to visit such a clubs like Chelsea London, AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United or Manchester City.


Professional coaches

All coaches, in addition to their qualifications and pedagogical preparation, have been trained in using the Soccer Skills PRO system and have passed a practical exam. Apart from coaches specialising in soccer and fitness, our staff also includes tutors, psychologists and coaches from the best European clubs.


Girls and boys 7-19 years

Camps are organized for girls and boys aged 7-19, regardless of their level of soccer skills. Our camps include players not only from major clubs and youth national teams, but also small towns and local clubs. This is a place for all young players who love soccer and want to develop themselves.



On the first day of the camp, we carry out skills tests, based on which the children are assigned to specific training groups. Players in each 4-person group are chosen based on their age, body weight, height and skills. This ensures that they are more willing to engage in training, have greater motivation, and achieve better results.


Two Adidas sets to keep

Each player gets a raincoat, a shoe bag, a polo shirt and a cap. In addition, all participants of our soccer camp receive two new Adidas jersey sets with our logo, which they can keep. The sets include shorts, a shirt and socks in two different colours.  We provide for the camp training equipment like balls and potential measure devices.

Versatile development

An inherent element of soccer training are motor activities, sessions with sports psychologists, tactical training, learning foreign languages with a focus on soccer vocabulary, as well as games with the best European coaches. Goalkeepers also undergo technical goalkeeper training. Furthermore, we teach young athletes about the principles of fair play.

Safety and references

All players receive personal accident insurance. The camps meet all safety standards. Over 50,000 young players from the USA and Canada, Australia, England, Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark, Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland and many other countries around the world have taken part in our camps.

We train future soccer stars! Join us!

Educational materials for parents

We provide our players' parents with educational materials prepared by a sports psychologist.

Do you sometimes wonder how to support your child when he or she is under pressure, what to say after a lost match or how to encourage to train?

Our educational materials provide detailed advice regarding these issues and how to support young players.

Individual skills description

In addition to the graduation diploma, each player receives a specially prepared book with a profile of his or her individual skills, which are assessed by the camp’s coaches and psychologists.

During the camps ending ceremony, parents can discuss their child’s development and performance with the staff.

Framework program

Our intensive soccer program includes:

  • technique and coordination training in groups of 1 coach - 4 players,
  • task games 4x4 in groups of 1 coach - 4 players,
  • training games with Spanish, German, English, Dutch, Italian or Portuguese coaches
  • classes with a sport psychologist
  • session of motor skills training
  • language class with a focus on soccer vocabulary 
  • class in physiotherapy, diet and injury prevention
  • regeneration 
  • tactical classes
  • motor skills tests
  • initial skills tests assessing individual players’ skill level
  • final skills tests - selecting the best players who will win a trip to one of the best European clubs
  • a demonstration training for parents

The sports activities developed at our camps have been consulted with a sports methodologist. The consultations concerned both the scope and intensity of classes in the context of the children’s age and skills.

Take your skills and career to the next level 

The experience, knowledge and skills of the Soccer Skills staff have helped thousands of players. Children develop their skills and receive specific guidelines for future individual training at the end of the camp. Our camps aim to integrate the whole football community. Players from clubs all over the world meet at our training sessions. 


 Coaches from the best European clubs 

 Two match kits from Adidas – to keep it

  Full pedagogical, psychological and medical care 

 A unique and original training system

  Measurable effects of training sessions 

  Individual training with experienced coaches

  Objective guidelines thanks to the Players PRO ID 

  Camps organized successfully for 10 years now

  Trials in European clubs for the best players