The professional football camps thought according to the Soccer Skills PRO system take place in Spain (Spanish Soccer Skills), in Germany (German Soccer Skills) and in Poland ( Polish Soccer Skills). At all the camps - in Spain, in Germany, as well as in Poland - we organise skills tests, on the basis of which the most gifted players are selected. The winner of the camps of all the countries are awarded with another training camp in Italy.


SportCentrum Kamen-Kaiserau


14th-20th of August 2016


The winners will go to train in Italy.

German Soccer Skills Camp Summer 2016

Dates: 14th-20th of August 2016

Venue: SportCentrum Kamen-Kaiserau

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The Kamen Centre is a professional sports centre prepared specially for the FIFA World Cup in 2006. During the FIFA World Cup the Spanish national team stayed at the centre. Teams such as: Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, VFB Stuttgart, VFL Wolsburg, and the national teams of Germany, Brasil and Spain, organised their training camps there.

At the centre, there are available

  • 225 accomodation places
  • 4 full-scale pitches with natural surface
  • 2 full-scale pitches with artificial surface
  • Athletic racetrack
  • Beach soccer pitch
  • 3 sports halls: football hall, gymnastics hall and athletic hall
  • Conference rooms
  • Swimming pool, gyms
  • Rooms for two persons in three-star standard
  • A restaurant with a sports menu
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General programme

On each day:

professional activities in two training paths including:

  • 3 hours of football training sessions: 1-hour technical and coordination training session in groups of 1 coach and 4 players, 1-hour of training games 4x4 in groups of  1 coach and 4 players,
  • 1 hour of training games with Spanish coaches
  • 1 hour of additional activities with a sports psychologist
  • 1-hour motor skills training session
  • 1-hour football language classes (English)

Additionaly during the camp

  • a visit to the Borussia Dortmund stadium
  • a visit to the Football Museum
  • regeneration at the swimming pool
  • tactical sessions
  • theoretical classes about the nutrition and regeneration
  • motor skills tests
  • initial skills tests defining the level of skills
  • final skills tests – classifying the best players, who are awarded with a training camp in Italy
  • final lecture of a sports psychologist for the parents


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The price of theGerman Soccer Skills camp is 750 €- * excluding the transfer to the venue from the price.

Airport transfer

At the request of the parents, we organise airport transfer from/to the airports in Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Cologne.