Standard equal to most professional European academies

Today's soccer is becoming increasingly advanced in terms of training methods and is constantly evolving, therefore only the leading clubs can afford the proper solutions for their academies. The vast majority of children, who train in unknown academies or small clubs, do not have access to modern training tools. Very often, even professional clubs do not have their own training system, which is why coaches are forced to work independently on a training program for their players. Clubs do not have a consistent training system and often change their training principles each year, depending on the coach and not on the club's philosophy.

Identifying talent

Moreover, the lack of tools to assess a player's potential which would be consistent with the club's training system means that clubs cannot properly assess the talent of their youngest players. Often clubs don’t even have a database of their players’ profiles. They cannot determine which qualities a player should have for a given position and everything depends on the intuition of the coach. 

The best European experts

Due to this situation, ten years ago we built an open system for the selection of soccer potential and training. We invited many European experts from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, England and Poland.

A consistent program – just as in school

The Soccer Skills PRO system is based on consistency. Just like in school, starting from 5-year-old up to 19-year-olds, each year of training is a consequence and continuation of the previous one. You cannot teach multiplication to children who cannot add, and vice versa - you can get someone who knows how to multiply to take a step back and learn to add.

Player selection tools

Our potential identification system - Soccer Skills PRO ID - is based on simple skills tests and allows not only to determine which elements require the greatest work and which are at the highest level, but also to compare the player’s skills with a database of 40,000 other players his age.



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